Year: 2023

Kiekie design (mana ako)

This week is Tongan language so at Mana Ako we had to design a type of clothing called Kiekie. Kiekie is a type of clothing that women wear in Tongan. Wearing a Keikei is a sign of faka’apa’apa (respect). A type of clothing in my culture that is like a Kiekie is a puipui. We usually use these at cultural performance’s. So if you do Maori it is showing respect to our culture just like how when you would wear a Kiekie which is also showing a sign of respect

Extension Task

Last week wednesday we had to write issues that are important to different types of People. The first was 11-13 year olds, Next was our parents, aunties, uncles and teachers, Third was grandparents, and lastly was toddlers. As you can see from the task that their are different colours for each note. I was blue and my team was, Toa, Jabal and Patrick. For our team it was really hard to come up with ideas but we did our best and i think we did pretty good. The highlight of this task was having to work in groups because most of my group were my friends. If we do this again I wanna try coming up with more ideas.

Literacy work

Today in class we did literacy. We had to see how good we we’re at eating healthy, physical fitness, mental health and sleep. After doing that we had to pick one of the topics we were doing bad at and we had to set a goal on how to fix that. I choose sleep because I don’t get enough so my goal is going to be trying to get more sleep.